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Paulo Jr.

Sepultura's Bass Player

Paulo's Bio

Full Name:
Paulo Xisto Pinto Junior

Date of Birth:
April 30th, 1969

Birth Place:
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

No wife, some girlfriends but not able to tell.

No official Kids, but 2 dogs.

2 dogs, Chow-chows, a Marine Aquarium and a little lake in my backyard with some fishes too.

Instruments, Porn Videos, Sepultura Stuff (interviews, pictures, those things...), every shit that is collectible I'm collecting.

Jiu-jitsu, I used to play with model airplanes, I have some planes and an autorama too, but it's been a long time I don't play with my toys.

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and Atlético Mineiro (Soccer).

Favorite Drink:
Beer and water. Beer to get high and water to desintoxicate in the day after.

Favorite Food:
No doubt Brazilian and Japanese food.

How did you join and meet the band:
It was around... if I'm not wrong August 17th, 1984. In Santa Teresa, close to my house, there used to have a hippie fair in a square where people used to meet and hang out. Me, Max and Igor had a common friend, and we started to hang out together and after that came the band.
Other Info

First Rock Concert:
I think it was Overdose. But the first big concert I don't remember.

First Sepultura Concert:
For me was in the Ideal Club, in Santa Teresa, in BH. If I'm not wrong was in March 30th, 1985.

First international Sepultura concert, please comment:
It was in Vienna, Austria. In 1989. It was a very nice concert, everyone was a little afraid and nervous. We were worried about playing everyday cause we had never done that before, but after a week playing everyday we realized that it is better then playing just in the weekends or when we have an opportunity. It was very nice, and it was unforgettable cause it was the first show of our career outside Brazil, and we were very excited about playing outside Brazil for the first time.

Best Seputlura Concert:
It's hard to answer, most part of the concerts were good. But something special was this first concert outside Brazil, other one was in 1992 with Black Sabbath in the Sabbath reunion, Rock in Rio, Hollywood Rock.

Best Tour:
All of them were cool, it's hard to chose just one. The first one was cool cause we were outside Brazil for the first time, and all the mess. Although the bad relation with Max in the end of 1996, during the last Roots tour was very important, cause we were playing more songs and it was pretty cool. The tour with Pantera was cool, the tour with Ozzy was very cool, the tour with Ministry was cool, a lot of tour were nice.

Best bands you toured with:
We played with a lot of people, Pantera, Biohazard, everyone was cool. The Ozzy people, Helmet, so many people I can't remember now, Clutch, Sick of it All, Napalm Death, Sacred Reich. Most of the bands, the guys were very cool, we always had a good relation with all bands.

Bands you would like to tour with:
I would like to have toured with Metallica but it never worked, I would like to tour with Rush but I know it will never work. It is hard, there's a lot of new bands, Primus we never toured, there's so many bands coming. But I would love to play with Rush or Yes in some festival.

Who would you like to work in Studio with:
I don't know.. I'm very satisfied with what we've done with Howard Benson in this new record. I think we had a great experience with everything, each record were different a phase, different ideas, each one was very unique. Probably the next record will be with somebody else, who knows. It was very nice what we did with Jason Newsted in his place in San Francisco. There's much more to come.

The biggest emotion you had in the whole career:
Too many things. It's important to remember the day we signed with a world-wide record company, the day we did the first concert outside Brazil, the day we played with Sabbath, which was their first reunion after so many time with the original line up, the free concert at the Charles Muller Square with almost 40,000 people it's important too. Musicians that you've always loved since 13, 14 years old comes to you nowadays and talks equally to you and respect what you do, and elogiate and even like is part of the career.

What occasion should always be remembered:
There's a lot too. The work we did with Xavantes we’ll always remember cause it was very different. The work we did with Kodo now will be marked cause was very different. What we did with Jason we'll be marked too, he wanted to do something with us for a long time cause he always liked the band, and there's lot of things.

Favorite Band:
There's a lot. But one of them is Rush, and Iron Maiden. But I'm listening to everything lately.

Favorite song and album:
It's impossible to say, there isn't one.

Favorite Sepultura song and album:
For me, who plays it, is difficult to say, each album has something special. But nowadays my favorite Sepultura record is the new one, Against, cause after all the changes the band gone trough we stayed up, doing what we've always done, and testing some different things, the thing we've done with Kodo was great. The work we did with the Xavantes, it's all part.

Favorite Sepultura Song:
All of them.

Influences in each Album:
In the beginning it was more Death Metal, Venom, and each record the thing was getting big. Nowadays even Falcão (Brasilian singer) is acceptable as an influence, the thing is more open. But logically a few years ago it was more Metal, but always listening other music styles and learning, and being influenced by other things too.

How do you create the songs, try outs, process, influences:
Generally the musical part happens in the rehearsal, jamming, the ideas start appearing, we record it in some tape, listen to it, change a bit. What is usable we used it, what is not we throw away. There's no secret, it's just jam. In this last album we recorded lots of things in rehearsals, we changed a lot, did lots of demos to test all the options we had by that time to get trough the conclusions we are having today. But it's all jamming.


Brother - Euri

Zon Basses
Legacy 5 strings and Sonus 5 strings
Two Mesa Boogie Triaxis pre-amps modified for bass
Rocktron intellifects
Crown 2400 power amp
Two Ampeg 8x10 cabinets

Side Projects


Worked With

-Scott Burns
-Jairo T.
-Edguardo Santos