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Here are some very nice pictures (the most of Sepultura but you'll find some others too)

Jairo T. , Sepultura's Leadguitarplayer on Bestial Devastion en Morbid Visions

Sepultura in 1985

Sepultura in 1985

Andreas Kisser , He came in 1987 to replace Jairo T.

Sepultura's Bassplayer : Paulo Jr.

Sepultura's MIGHTY Drumplayer : Igor Cavalera

Sepultura's MIGHTY Singer : Max Cavalera

Sepultura's New Singer : Derrick Green , He came in 1998 to replace Max

A very rare Band photo included Derrick

A Band Photo from 1996 Included Max Cavalera

A Playlist

Andreas Headbanging At Roskilde 1996

Band Photo Included Derrick

Max Playing With A Waterpistol

Max As Officer

A Citybus With A Nation Poster On The Back (Special Thanks To Wilco)

Max Dancing With The Xavante Warriors

Nation Front Cover

Dimmu Borgir

Waving Brazilian Flag

Crushed Skulls

Kodo Logo

Nation Logo


Chaos AD Snake

Autographs of Max , Igor , Andreas and Paulo

Rotating Roots-wheel

The Slave New World Fist

Sepultura Do Brasil

The Tribal S