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Max Cavalera - Former Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
A Wonderfull singer!!!

His Bio

Full Name:
Massimiliano Antonio Cavalera

Date of Birth:
August 04, 1969

Birth Place:
Belo Horizonte , Brazil
Time With Sepultura

1984-1996 (Founded Seputlura with his brother Igor)
Why Did Max Left Sepultura?

Because of a dispute over Sepultura's management. Max's wife, Gloria, was the manager of Sepultura and the rest of the band decided not to renew her contract so Max left the band.
Side Projects

Nailbomb (Vocals/Guitar)
-Point Blank (1994)
-Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide (1995)

Around The Fur (1997) - Songs: Head Up
His New Band

The new band of Max is called Soulfly.
He founded the band by himself in 1998.
Worked With

-Ross Robinson
-Richard Kaplan
-Chuck Johnson
-DJ Lethal
-Fred Durst
-Tom Araya
-Chino Moreno
-Sean Lennon
-Corey Taylor
-Jackson Bandeira
-Meia Noite
-Jacob Langkilde
-Roy Mayorga
-Larry McDonald
-Anders Dohn
-Dino Cazares
-Burton C. Bell
-Mario Caldato Jr.
-Rob Agnello