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Andreas Kisser

Lead Guitar player

His Bio

Full Name:
Andreas Rudolf Kisser

Date of Birth:
August 24th, 1968

Birth Place:
São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo - Brasil

Patricia Perissinotto Kisser

Giulia Kisser (born May 1st, 1995)
Yohan Kisser (born October 12th, 1997)

Soccer related stuff, shirts, magazines. Posters, cards.

Playing soccer, basketball, watch sports on TV and drink beer.

Soccer, SPFC

Favorite Drink:

Favorite Food:
Everything, specially Japanese, Brazilian, Italian, German etc.

How did you meet and join the band?
I met them in 1987 when I went to BH and I watched them rehearsing, Jairo was in the band yet. A month later I joined the band after Jairo left. I had played some covers like Destruction, Kreator with them and they liked the way I played and I went there and they called me to join.

Other Info

First Rock Concert:
Kiss in Brazil, 82/83, and it was great.

First Sepultura Concert:
It was in Caruaru, in Pernambuco, I think it was may 1987, we haven’t recorded Schizophrenia yet. We got there by bus, 48 hours to go and 48 to get back. We played in Caruaru, Recife and Campina Grande. It was my first mini-tour with Sepultura.

First international Sepultura concert, please comment:
First international SEPULTURA concert was in Vienna, Austria, in September 1989 opening for Sodom. It was very good seeing lots of people with SEPULTURA shirts, that we were not expecting, and lots of people knew Beneath the Remains, singing along.

Best Seputlura Concert:
The World Cup concert when we were opening for Pantera, 17/jul/1994, in the final game day. The Rock in Rio in 1991 too, when we played with Guns n’ Roses, Megadeth, Quensriche, Judas Priest, was very good.

Best Tour:
Arise (91/92), since the beginning till the end, we visited Indonesia, Russia, Europe, Brazil, we went to a lot of places for the first time, was wonderful.

Best bands you toured with:
Ozzy, Pantera, Sacred Reich, the "New Titans on the Block" with Napalm Death, Sick of it All, it was 92 I think during the Arise tour.

Bands you would like to tour with:
Metallica, It is probably the only band we didn’t have any opportunity to play with. And Slayer would be cool, we played with them in the Ozzfest but wasn’t a tour.

Who would you like to work in Studio with:
Any one that we are connected, with a nice jam, no one specifically.

The biggest emotion you had in the whole career:
There were a lot. One of them was the Show in the Pacaembu, in 1991 that MTV recorded and became the Orgasmatron video and we won the MTV VMAS, and went to LA watch the show at the Universal Studios, there Van Halen and Metallica played and it was when I first met Jason Newsted. Playing in Russia and in Indonesia for 40,000 people just Sepultura. The Chaos AD release party in the Castle was very nice, with Capoeira Group and Candomblé.

What occasion should always be remembered:
The whole Sepultura career.

Favorite Band:
Black Sabbath, Metallica.

Favorite song and album:
My favorite album of all times are 'Diary of a Madman' by Ozzy and Randy Rhoads, 'Master of Puppets' of Metallica, 'A night at the opera' of Queen (this was my first record and is a classic).

Favorite Sepultura song and album:
It’s hard to say, but Roots is a great album, Roots Bloody Roots, Attitude, Kaiowas, Itsari and the new one, Against, is a great one.

Influences in each Album:
In the beginning it was just Death Metal, Kreator, Venom and etc. When I got in the band I brought some Heavy Metal influences, like Dio and Ozzy, and it mixed with the Hardcore they always listened like Dead Kennedys, Suicidal. In Schizophrenia bands like Testament, Sacrifice. Arise and Beneath the Remains was more Slayer and stuff. In Chaos AD we started being influenced by something more Brazilian, batucada and a unique style. And Roots exploded with influences from all sources.

How do you create the songs, try outs, process, influences:
We create our songs in the rehearsal, all together giving ideas. And sometimes I do some ideas in the four track machine and we start working on these ideas. Basically is rehearsing and testing until it is the way everyone like it.

Andreas was sponsored by Fernandes Guitars in 1997 but not anymore.

Sponsored by ESP Guitars
Also Uses: Jackson guitars
Mesa Boogie Amps
Strings: 56/13 (for A# songs)
Strings: 10/46 (for D or dropped-D)
Side Projects


Andreas's first band from Brazil.

Quarteta de Pinga:

Andreas Kisser: Lead Guitar
Jason Newsted (Metallica): Bass, Vocals
Robb Flynn (Machine Head): Guitar, Vocals
Tom Hunting (Exodus): Drums

Recordings: Unreleased three song demo tape.

1. Twisted
2. No Class
3. Creation

Notes: The band is named after a very strong popular Brazilian drink made out of sugar cane and is like Tequila.

Soundtrack - No Coração dos Deuses:

Igor and Andreas played on 8 songs of this soundtrack. Mike Patton does the vocals on "Procura o Cara."

1. Aldeia
2. Gibão de Couro
3. Índios
4. O Desconhecido
5. Procura o Cara
6. Tauana e Pedro
7. Terra de Manoa
8. Walkman
Worked With

-Scott Burns
-Ross Robinson
-Andy Wallace
-Jonathan Davis
-DJ Lethal
-Howard Benson