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Igor Cavalera
The BEST drummer ever!

Bio of Igor

Full Name:
Igor Graziano Cavalera

Date of Birth:
September 4th, 1970

Birth Place:
Belo Horizonte, MG - Brazil

Monika Bass Cavalera (married to Monika since July 8th, 1995)

Joanna Bass Cavalera (born November 7th, 1996)

2 dogs, Neguzinho and Boo-Yaa

Toys, Soccer Jerseys.

Jiu-jitsu, Snowboard, Surf, drawings and making fun of Paulo.

Palmeiras "the fucking best!!!"

Favorite Drink:
Guaraná, water, Calpis water, Yakult, Jamba juice.

Favorite Food:
Brazilian and Italian food.
Other Info

First Rock Concert:
Queen, 1981 in São Paulo.

First Sepultura Concert:
At Barroliche Club in BH around 1984.

First international Sepultura concert, please comment:
Vienna, Austria opening for Sodom 89, lots of Sepulfans, we just freaked out!

Best Seputlura Concert:
Rock in Rio and World cup final day with Pantera.

Best Tour:
Last European tour and Sepultura with Ramones in Brazil.

Best bands you toured with:
Clutch, Strife, RxDxPx, Pantera, Biohazard.

Bands you would like to tour with:
Dead Can Dance, Slayer, Black Sabbath.

Who would you like to work in Studio with:
The producers Dust Brothers and with John Zorn.

The biggest emotion you had in the whole career:
Performing with the Xavantes tribe..

What occasion should always be remembered:

Favorite Band:
Dead Kennedys, Black Sabbath, Bad Brains.

Favorite song and album:
The Wizard from Black Sabbath and Age of Quarrel from Cro-Mags.

Favorite Sepultura song and album:
Roots Bloody Roots, Roots.

Influences in each Album:
Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Hard Core, Punk, Tribal Music, Industrial, World Music, Rap, etc.

How do you create the songs, try outs, process, influences:
Getting locked in a room with the other guys and jamming!

Father - Italy's ambassador to Brazil, died when Igor was 8.
Mother - Vania Cavalera
Sister - Kira
Brother - Max
Wife - Monika
Children - Joanna

Vic-Firth Drumsticks
Zildjan Cymbals:
14" A Quick Beat HiHats-Brilliant
17" A Medium Crash-Brilliant
19" A Medium Crash-Brilliant
10" A Splash-Brilliant
12" A EFX#1-Brilliant
20" A Medium Crash-Brilliant
22" Z Heavy Power Ride
20" Oriental China Trash
Pearl Drums
Axxis Drum Pedals
D.Drum Triggers
Afro Percussion
Side Projects

Point Blank (1994) - Songs: Wasting Away, Blind and Lost, Cockroaches, Exploitation, Shit Pinata, Sick Life.
Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide (1995/Live) - Songs: Wasting Away, Guerillas, Cockroaches, Blind And Lost, Sick Life.

Domingo (1995) - Songs: Brasileiro

In This Defiance (1997) - Songs: Overthrow

Pavilhao 9:
Cadeia Nacional (1997) - Mandando Bronca

No Coração Dos Deuses (In The Heart Of The Gods):
Movie Soundtrack (1999)
Worked With

-Ross Robinson
-Eduardo Santos
-Andy Wallace
-Steven Remote
-Alex Newport
-Jonathan Davis
-DJ Lethal
-Howard Benson