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Bio of Derrick

Full Name:
Derrick Leon Green

Date of Birth:
January 21st, 1971

Birth Place:
Cleveland, Ohio - United States

Comic book collection


Basketball -NY Knicks
Soccer -Palmeiras

Favorite Drink:

Favorite Food:

Talk a little about your life before Sepultura and how did you meet them:
I started playing in Cleveland in a band when I was 16. I've always loved heavy music and the first show that I went to when I was 14 opened my ears, eyes, mind and soul up. I knew then music is what I have to do, and I'll never forget seeing that show which was the Cro Mags. It still is one of the best shows I've ever seen. My friends started playing around with instruments and started a band, but they did not ask me sing at first I was third singer. The name of the band was OUTFACE and we played together for about 7 years. We played many places in the US and toured Europe supporting our album FRIENDLY GREEN. After Europe the guitarist and I decided we were going to move to New York and start a new band. We worked fast and hard finding people to play with, but then everything came together. We named the band OVERFIEND and our first show was in Staten Island opening up for Sick of it All, and that was also our last show. The guitarist and drummer were doing a project called CIV, and they got a record deal so they left. After that I was very bitter and wasn't sure if I wanted to still do music but I stuck with it. The bass player and I stayed together and formed a band called ALPHA JERK. It was very hard finding someone to play guitar and after talking with the guitarist from Bad Brains I decided to buy a guitar and teach myself. I practiced a lot by myself writing songs and recording them until I thought they were good enough to perform out with. The bass player and I got another guitarist and drummer and started all over again at the very bottom. We played any show we could get, but with out an album it was very hard. We recorded 5 songs with a friend who helped us out for free and sent out many tapes to record labels. We found someone who had a small record label who liked our songs and decided he would put it out for us. More problems came about and our drummer moved I had no luck what so ever. I was working nights in bars bouncing people out and checking ID's for money, it sucked. Then one day I was awaken by a phone call from an A&R person from Roadrunner Records who was telling me how SEPULTURA was looking for a singer, I thought it was a joke. When I found out he was serious I told him to send a tape of stuff with my voice on it to see if they liked it, they did. I then recorded my voice on one song they sent me and sent it to Brazil, two months later I was asked to come down to Brazil and jam with the band. I was in shock getting off the plane I couldn't believe how massive everything was. We practiced all new songs that the band had which I knew was something that I really wanted to do. In my mind I had to do it, the music felt perfect for me. I came back to New York and waited. I trained myself to stay positive about everything and not let any bullshit that was going on around me affect me. About a month later I got the phone call to come back to Brazil and that feeling I will never forget. Being here now in Brazil has only been positive, and the feeling everyone has is to move forward and make the best music.

First Rock Concert:
I believe it was the Cro-Mags

Best Tour:
With Outface touring Europe.

Favorite Band:
Don't have one particular favorite band. Prefer bands I have Sabbath, Bad Brains, Jimi Hendrix.

Favorite song and album:
If I would pick my favorite music would probably be Hardcore/ metal and album the Cro Mags - Age of Quarrel

Favorite Sepultura song and album:
Probably Against

Other Info

Brother - Gregory Lawrence
Sister - Ellen Renée

Previous Bands:
Alpha Jerk

Side Projects:
Integrity 2000
Integrity 2000 (1999) - Songs: Never Surrendur